Quantuum Fomex F004 Light Stand 88-290cm Stativo

Quantuum Fomex F004 Light Stand 88-290cm Stativo Visualizza ingrandito


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Quantuum Fomex F004 Light Stand 88-290cm Stativo

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Name of control parts and functions / SPEC

Light Stand, Air Cushioned (F004)

One of the biggest advantages with F004 light stand is its air cushion system.
Light stands without cushion or spring cushion cannot fully protect your precious valuable equipments. Whereas air cushioned light stands, protects your equipment from sudden impact when the column collapses, air cushion system will make sure that columns gradually and slowly come down, preventing any damage to your equipments. 
Air Cushion System
Circulation of air within the risers and columns produces air pressure which prevents the columns to suddenly drop and giving sudden impact to the equipments.

Air Cushion System

Oversized equipment mounted on the light stand might be damaged if there no resistances to gently hold the descending of the risers. F004 with air cushion system ensures that your equipments are well protected.



Column Plate

When the column is damaged by repetitive motion of the control screw, the light stand might not function properly. To prevent malfunction of the light stand a column plate is used.



Aluminum Diecast.

Parts where there are repetitive motions applied or most pressures applied, if the material of these parts are made in plastic there essential parts may break easily or may not function to its full potential.
F004 light stand have strengthened the durability of there essential parts by use of aluminum discast.