Triopo KIT Treppiedi MT-3230X8C + Testa B2 Tripod Treppiede Cavalletto lega di magnesio 5 sezioni


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Triopo KIT Treppiedi MT-3230X8C + Testa B2 Tripod Treppiede Cavalletto lega di magnesio 5 sezioni

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Sliding central column may of GT-3230X8C tripod may be easily mounted in reverse position. It ends with a handle for additional load to increase the device's stability. Mounting base for the head is equipped with a silicon gasket protecting tripod's legs during transportation.

Additionaly, the tripod may be easily transformed into a monopod. Just twist one of the legs off, mount the column included in the set with the head mounting and enjoy your fully functional monopod

Technical Specification:


  • Triopo GE-3228X8C
  • Number of sections: 5
  • leg's diameter: 28mm
  • maximum height: 183cm
  • folded height: 47cm
  • minimum height: 28,5 cm
  • weight: 1400 gram
  • maximum loading capacity: 15 kg
  • warranty: 24 months

Triopo B-2 ball head

B-series ball-heads are the most sophisticated Triopo products available on the market and one of the most renown photographic ball-heads worldwide. The ball-heads have been manufactured during the carefully balanced production process and made of the highest-quality materials. Moreover, the hydraulic blocking system makes the ball-head precise and increases its loading capacity. B-series ball-heads come with three knobs which facilitate shooting. The first knob helps to position the camera in any dimension required. The second one is responsible for the head's friction power and allows to easily adjust sensitivity of the ball-head to your camera's weight. The third knob has been designed to control the panoramic rotation.

B-2 is a smaller ball-head in the series with the maximum loading capacity of 8 kg. It is equipped with a special mounting plate which facilitates carrying the load. The panorama division is placed in the lower part of the head. The precise division has been also placed on the knob adjusting the friction power. The kit comes with the mounting plate and a case.

Technical Specification:

  • ball-head diameter: 36 mm
  • height: 100 mm
  • bottom diameter: 56 mm
  • weight: 0,45 kg
  • maximum load: 8 kg