Obiettivo Samyang 500mm MC IF f/8 Mirror con adattatore T2 x Nikon

Obiettivo Samyang 500mm MC IF f/8 Mirror con adattatore T2 x Nikon Visualizza ingrandito


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Obiettivo Samyang 500mm MC IF f/8 Mirror con adattatore T2 x Nikon

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500 mm MC IF f/8,0 Mirror is an incredible reflex obejct lens
constructed especially to extreme zoomings. It’s perfect for
photographing nature, astrophotography, spy photography and everywhere,
where a large zooming is really necessary. It provides also a relatively
bright light as for a reflex type object lens with the focal length of

The construction of the object lens is really scrupulous, made of high
class materials. Each lens was made of optic glass on which
anti-reflection coutings ensuring hight light transmission were put on.
The enclosure was made of durable metal and coloured with black and
white, which provides attractive looks. Important here is the T2
universal mount which allows mounting it to all reflex type cameras
after using an appriopriate T2 adapter. In the set together with the
object lens we can find a practical case to transport and maintain our
camera and T2 adapter to the chosen system.

What is more, one can buy dedicated coverter x2 thanks to which our
camera will acquire the focal length of 1000mm. Worth mentioning is the
fact that while using object lenses with APS-C cameras the focal length
should be additionaly multiplicated by 1,5x so it will be 750mm and
after the use of the converter 750mm using tings werit will be 1500mm.

Manufacturer...Samyang Optics


500 MC IF f/8 Mirror

Lens style


Focal length

500 mm

Maximum aperture


Angle of view




Minimum focusing distance

1,7 m

Minimum aperture


Number of diaphragm blades

Auto focus type

Lens Construction

7 elements / 6 groups

Filter diameter

34 mm (rear) / 95 mm (front)



Available mounts



77 x 87.7 mm


~320 g

Additional information

UV ND2 and ND4 filters included

Adapter T2




adapter allows to mount lenses and other equipment with T2 type thread
on cameras. Such a solution allows using the same lens in cameras of
various systems. All you need to do is to use the T2 adapter with an
appropriate bayonet mount. Some  lenses made by Samyang are fitted with
this kind of a mount.

T2 type adapters made by Samyang
are made of high-class aluminum. The thread has is manufactured in a
precise process and with attention to details, which facilitates lens
adjustment to the desired optical axis. The bayonet mount is matched
precisely to the camera’s bayonet socket. Owing to this solution, there
is no risk of blocking the adapter. The ring’s thickness has been
precisely determined to allow for easy focus in a full range lens

The T2 Samyang adapters are compatible with the following systems:


Nikon / Fuji

Pentax / Samsung

Olympus 4/3

Sony / KM

Sony E

Samsung NX