Pixel TR-332RX Trigger Flash Knight x Canon SOLO RICEVITORE

Pixel TR-332RX Trigger Flash Knight x Canon SOLO RICEVITORE Visualizza ingrandito


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Pixel TR-332RX Trigger Flash Knight x Canon SOLO RICEVITORE

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The Pixel TR-332 is an advanced high performance wireless flash trigger. Simply attach the transmitter to your camera hot shoe and the receiver to your flash or strobe and you have a wireless light setup. You can position your light at any angle and distance from your camera for endless creativity. If you would like to fire more than one light at once, simply purchase additional receiver units.

Supporting a maximum range of 65 meters and shutter speed of up to 1/8000 (depending on sync speed limitation of the camera model), the TR-332 offers high level of performance too.

Fully supports Canon EOS E-TTL / E-TTL II flash mode, you can fire your Canon flash wirelessly in E-TTL automatic output control. Canon 580EX II users can adjust the output power of the flash from the TR-332 transmitter. Power can be adjusted by a total of 23 levels from full power to 1/128.

While the TR-332 supports TTL with Canon flash only, it offers a high degree of compatibility in manual output power mode. With the provided connection cables, photographers can use the receiver with a range of lighting sources including low trigger voltage portable flashes, high trigger voltage portable flashes and studio strobes.