Sunwayfoto 3D-1 Basic kit slitta Stereography Rail DPG-3016 + 2x clamp DDT-53


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Sunwayfoto 3D-1 Basic kit slitta Stereography Rail DPG-3016 + 2x clamp DDT-53

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The Sunwayfoto DPG-3016 Stereography Rail is a heavy-duty camera bracket that can be used to mount two cameras on a single tripod. You can adjust the camera forward and back without moving the tripod, and you can also accurately find the nodal point for panoramic photography. It has six 1/4"-20 sockets and one 3/8"-16 socket for flexibility. There are M3 holes in twelve different positions on the upper rail for mounting safety stop screws.

Compatible with Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release clamps. Also for accurately finding the nodal point for panoramic photography. For close-up photography, you can slide the camera in and out without moving the tripod.
Easily recognized laser-engraved scale on both sides of the rail to adjust the nodal point conveniently and accurately.
Includes 1/4"-20 mounting screws, two M3 safety stop screws, two 1/4" screws for mounting clamps, 2.5mm and 4mm hex keys for installation, and four locating pins for directing the clamp direction.
Includes 4 metal stops, each side has 2 metal stops.



The Subtend Clamp DDT-53 from Sunwayfoto features integral dual clamps that will fit any standard Arca-Swiss style quick release plate. The dual screw-knob clamps allow you to mount a QR plate on the top and bottom simultaneously, or mount the clamp to a multi-purpose rail and then mount a QR plate to the top so you can move your set-up along the rail without moving your camera support. The DDT-53 has a scratch-resistant black anodized finish, and a 3/8" mounting thread in the center. Safety-stop relief grooves keep your equipment securely attached.

Integral double clamp fits all Arca-Swiss standard quick-release plates.
Anodized to a scratch-resistant, black finish.
Dual screw-knob clamps
Captive knob
Safety stop relief grooves prevent your equipment from dropping accidently
This clamp can be installed with a quick-release plate both on top and bottom side simultaneously.
When you mount your camera on the top clamp of this Subtend Clamp, at the same time the bottom clamp can accept a multi-purpose rail, so that you can slide your equipment onto the rail. Then you can slide your equipment along the rail, without having to move your tripod.