Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Speedlite Trasmettitore Trigger Flash x Canon 600EX-RT YN-600EX-RT

Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Speedlite Trasmettitore Trigger Flash x Canon 600EX-RT YN-600EX-RT Visualizza ingrandito


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Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Speedlite Trasmettitore Trigger Flash x Canon 600EX-RT YN-600EX-RT

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Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter for Canon 600EX-RT Yongnuo YN-600EX-RT Specification: This item YN-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter is directly compatible with the Canon 600EX-RT flash, and a coming YongNuo YN-600EX-RT flash unit. It includes all the features of the Canon ST-E3-RT, as well as extra features including: - AF Focus Assist light - USB port for firmware updates - Second curtain sync (in manual only) - Full GR Group Mode functionality has also now been added for pre 2012 model cameras - Slave flash charge status does not stop other flashes from firing Features: -Two-way 2.4G radio communication, fully compatible with Canon ST-E3-RT/600EX-RT -Control up to 5 groups (15 units) of Speedlites -15 Physical Channels, 1 Auto Channel, Up to 10,000 customizable photographer ID -Transmission Range: 100M -Multi YN-E3-RT can share slave flashes -Display group/charge status of slave flashes -Firmware can be upgraded via USB ( You need to buy extra USB Cable ) -High resolution Dot-Matrix LCD, Backlight for LCD/keys -Fast lock mechanism -Built-in AF assist beam emitter, buzzer -Remote shutter release, Linked Shot ( (Need extra shutter cable for cameras released before 2012) -Flash Mode: ETTL/M/Multi/GR 4 flash modes -A/B/C/D/E 5 groups -Supports 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain (Only in M mode), High speed Sync -Supports ETTL Ratio, Flash Exposure Compensation,Flash Exposure Lock, Flash Exposure Bracket, Modeling Flash -9 Custom Functions -Settings saved automatically -Dust and water resistance equivalent to EOS-1D series cameras Type: On-camera Speedlite transmitter Compatible Cameras: EOS type-A Camera compatible with E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash Exposure control system: E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash, manual flash, troboscopic flas, auto external flash metering ( only when the flash mode is set up to "GR" ) Frequenct: 2405 - 2475 MHz Modulation system: Primary modulation: OQPSK, Secondary modulatioin: DS-SS Channel: Auto, Ch.1 - 15 Wireless radio ID: 0000-9999 Slave unit control: up to 5 groups ( A/B/C/D/E), up to 15 units Transmission distance: Approx. 100m Flash ratio control: 1:8-1:1-8:1, 1/2-stop increments flash exposure Compensation: ±3 stops in 1/3 - increments FEB: ±3 stops in 1/3 - increments ( when used with flash exposure compensation ) FE Lock: Press the camera's ( M-Fn), ( FEL), or ( *) button High speed symte Provided Manul flash: 1/1 - 1/128 power ( 1/3-stop increments ) Stroboscopic flash: Provided ( 1-500Hz) Power source: 1 AA/LR6 alkaline batteries Ni-MH Batteries Wirelss flash shooting: approx. time: 10 continuous hours Dimensions: 67.7 * 66.7 * 81.3mm Weight: 110g Suit for: ALL Canon DSLR Camera with E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash Canon 600EX-RT Canon ST-E3-RT Yongnuo YN-600EX-RT Package Includes: 1 x YN-E3-RT 2 x Shutter release cable for Canon camera 1 x Manual in English and Chinese 1 x Protect bag 1 x Original box