Genesis Cine VSS balance block

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Genesis Cine VSS balance block

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Genesis Balance Block is a counterweight designed especially for the Genesis Cine VSS rig, but it can also be used with all accessories based on the 15mm rails system.


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Thanks to Genesis Balance Block it is possible to balance the rig with a camera or SLR fixed on it to increase working comfort. Genesis Balance Block itself is made out of steel and rails are made of aluminum, so it is durable and stable.


Kit includes:

  • 1.5kg balance block
  • 2x 20 cm industry-standard 15mm rails



Mounting points:2 x clamps for 15mm rails system
Mount types:1/4" i 3/4"
Counterweight diameter/width:90/35mm
Rail length/diameter:214/15mm
Warranty24 months