Genesis MFC follow focus ring anello messa a fuoco x obiettivo Samyang 14mm


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Genesis MFC follow focus ring anello messa a fuoco x obiettivo Samyang 14mm

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Genesis MFC Follow Focus is a compact and lightweight follow focus system that is designed specially for Samyang 14mm lens, but it can be used with both telephoto and wide angle lenses. Position of gear can be easily adjusted thanks to standard 15mm rail clamp. Focusing ring has a white plastic collar mounted on magnets. You can apply points of focus on it.


Genesis MFC Follow Focus is equipped with precise all-metal gear mechanism to provide accurate focus control and high durability. MFC Follow Focus kit is supplied with a toothed belt which can be mounted on lens focus or focal length ring to ensure cooperation between follow focus gear and lens.

Genesis MFC Follow Focus is almost entirely made of aluminum components for long service life, durability and precision. The design is based on industry standard 15mm rail mounting system.

Kit includes:

Genesis MFC Follow Focus

toothed belt

Allen wrench


Mounting points:15mm rail clamp
Warranty:24 months