Genesis Reporter beauty dish reflector


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Genesis Reporter beauty dish reflector

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Beauty Dish reflector inner surface is covered with a silver, highly reflective finish. Central diffuser mounted inside dissipates the light coming from flash evenly on the reflector surface. Thank to this design Beauty Dish gives a very sophisticated light characteristic and very natural round-shaped reflections in the eyes of the subject. Light is more contrasty in comparison to traditional softboxes with a nice and crisp shadow/highlight definition.


Genesis Reporter is made entirely from aluminum alloy and comes with additional honeycomb grid and white, transparent diffuser.



Ideal for portraits, glamour, beauty and fashion photography

Compact design and lightweight yet durable construction (build form aluminum alloy)

Diameter of 30cm

Comes with honeycomb grid and white, transparent diffuser


Kit includes:

1 x Beauty dish

1 x Honeycomb grid

1 x White, transparent diffuser



Model:Genesis Reporter Beauty Dish
Depth:95 mm
Weight (with grid):430g