Genesis SK-GT02 cam slider ADO 120


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Genesis SK-GT02 cam slider ADO 120

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Genesis ADO 120 is a basic version of Genesis slider with length of 120cm. It allows for smooth control of a camcorder or a DSLR camera. Shooting with Genesis Gear ADO 120 brings professional and dynamic video frames


Slider is made of aluminum alloy combined with high quality plastics. Thanks to that the ADO 120 slider's weight does not exceed 1,5 kg. High load capacity is another great feature of Genesis ADO 120 slider, as it makes it easy to shoot even with camcorders or cameras that weigh over 20kg. Genesis ADO 120 slider is equipped with mounting stands that ensure stability of the entire set. It can also be mounted on tripods.


Length120 cm
Materialaluminium, aluminium alloy, industrial plastic compounds
Mounting points 
Tripod compatibilityyes
Width cm
Height cm
Max load20 kg
Weight1,5 kg
Warranty24 months