Genesis SK-GTX cam slider HD 1/2 circle


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Genesis SK-GTX cam slider HD 1/2 circle

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Genesis SK-GTX Circle Slider HD allows to record impressive frames thanks to rounded shape of the guide rail. Total length of the track that the platform is moving on is 131cm.


Legs of the slider are adjustable and as a result it is possible to perfectly level the position of a guide. Genesis SK-GTX Circle Slider HD is entirely made of aluminum, which assures low weight while maintaining high mechanical durability and stability of the construction. There is a possibility of joining two models of this slider in order to make a guide in shape of a circle.


Slider length:131cm/51”
Slider radius:85cm/33”
Mounting points on moving platform:1x 1/4” male thread
Mounting points on slider:7x female thread 1/4”
7x female thread 3/8”
Max. load:5kg
Warranty:24 months