Pixel TD-381 Flash Battery Pack x Canon 580EX II 580EX 550EX MR-14EX MT-24EX 600EX-RT Mago


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Pixel TD-381 Flash Battery Pack x Canon 580EX II 580EX 550EX MR-14EX MT-24EX 600EX-RT Mago

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Product Function
1.TD-381(NEW) is a battery pack for Canon and Mago Speedlite.
2.Using two groups of symmetrical charge system, it‘s more stabile charging voltage and faster  recycles time.
3.Flexible and convenience to use choose charging with one or two group freely.
4.Stand-by power consumption is more save and recycle power compare with similar product.
5.The flashgun power pack has built-in thermal protection switch, when the frequent use lead to thermal. Protection of power pack, it stops working. However, the battery pack will continue work after cooling.


Specifications (No any notify if any change of specification or design.)

 Applicable To:Canon/Pixel
 Compatible flash:Canon flashgun:580EXⅡ,580EX, 550EX, MR-14EX,MT-24EX,600EX-RT,Mago
Fastest recycle time (sec):1.24
 1/1 flash charging times: 595
 Measurement (L X W X H):170 X 72.5 X 25 MM
 Weight (Not included battery):approx. 200g

Testing condition  

   Battery:Flash is using 4X Duracell; power pack is using 8X GP 2400mAh batteries.
   Flash condition:1/1 full fire per every 30sec. If no response within 30sec, it‘s mean out of power.
   Temperature: 20 C


Included items

   flashgun power pack:1set
   Protection bag:1pc
   Camera connecting screw:1pc
   Instruction manual:


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