Quantuum Quadralite Powerpack 800 x flash da studio


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Quantuum Quadralite Powerpack 800 x flash da studio

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Quantuum Quadralite Powerpack 800 is a device that can power the several flash units in areas without access to the electricity grid. This allows you to easily schedule photo sessions in a variety of interesting scenes representing backdrop for photos. The battery is so efficient that even after connecting tubes with a total capacity 2000Ws enough energy to perform about 150 flashes at full power. Such a large supply of power and high performance of the machine make lamp loading speed drops only slightly compared to the mains power supply. This ensures complete comfort. Quadralite Powerpack 800 can handle flash units with a total maximum power flash 5000Ws.

The power supply is equipped with a wide and comfortable handle and a standard carrying case, so that it can be easily transported. The device consists of two modules: the inverter and battery, which enables rapid substitution exhausted battery with a new one. In addition, if desired, the apparatus can use an external battery, for example. Automobile.


Quadralite 800 Powerpack provides AC power with a full, sinusoidal voltage characteristics. This is important when working with flash units and can be successfully used to power computers, monitors and other electronic devices useful in the work of photographer and filmmaker. The inverter module has three output terminals AC 220-240V / 50Hz and three USB ports, which can be used to power eg. Phone or charger cameras, as well as constant lights. For example, the device is able to successfully run one lamp 100W for approx. 80 minutes.


Quadralite Powerpack 800 is a set of safeguards to ensure safe operation including protecting against external battery discharge, which is especially important when using an external battery. Inverter module is actively cooled by a fan and additionally equipped with anti-overheating protection.

• provides a stable AC power for a full, sinusoidal voltage characteristic parameters: 220-240V / 50Hz,
• can effectively power the device for total continuous power level of at 750W,
• offers two operating modes: a power flash "Flash" and other devices "Normal"
• equipped with a removable module Li-FePO4 with a capacity of 12000mAh,
• allows you to do up to 500 flashes at full power flash with a capacity of 600 Ws,
• There are three output jacks AC220-240V / 50Hz and three USB ports to power cell phones, tablets, cameras, cameras, etc.
• The unit can be connected to an external power source such. Car battery
• allowing you to extend the duration of action,
• discharge level of the battery module is indicated by LEDs,
• incorporates an active cooling system that comes complete with a handy protective cover.

Model: Quantuum Quadralite 800 external battery pack
Product type:
Inverter battery to power studio flash
Continuous power in Normal mode: 750W
Peak power in Flash Mode: 1400W
Performance in Flash Mode: ~ 500 flashes / 600 Ws
~ 400 flashes / 700Ws
~ 150 flashes / 2000Ws
Charging time lamp in Flash Mode: 1500Ws ~ 1s
3000Ws ~ 2-3S
5000Ws ~ 5s
Output Connections: 3xAC
Input voltage range: 11-15,5V

Voltage / frequency output:
220-240V / 50Hz
Voltage Characteristics: sine, full
Distortion: 3%
Power consumption in standby mode: Normal mode 0.25A
0.9A in Flash Mode
Efficiency: 91%
Battery Type: Li-FePO4
Nominal battery capacity: 12Ah (12.8V)
Charging time: about 3 hours (with supplied charger 5A)
Operating Temperature Range: 10 - 45 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature range: -30 - 70 degrees Celsius
Power supply: 220 - 240V / 50Hz
Fuse: 3x30
Dimensions: 267x206x292mm
Weight (with battery): 6.78kg

kit includes:
The inverter module with battery,
the power cord charger