Sunwayfoto DPG-2416 rotaia multiuso MP 240x16mm


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Sunwayfoto DPG-2416 rotaia multiuso MP 240x16mm

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Improved Multi-Purpose Rail DPG-2416
Model:  DPG-2416

Width: 39mm
Thickness: 16mm
Length: 240mm
Net Weight: 194g
Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20
Mounting thread: UNC1/4"
Groove length: 64mm/76.5mm

SUNWAYFOTO DPG-2416 Multi-Purpose Rail, one piece CNC cutting machined from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, stain anodized surface finish for better abrasion and corrosion resistant. Arca-Swiss style.
The most important function of this product is that it can accurately take the lens axis as the nodal point when in panoramic photography. So that to maximize the realization of seamless panoramic shoot. At the same time, when in close-up photography, this product allows the large-scale back/front shifting adjustment. So that can reduce the moving of the tripod and make your shooting efficiently.
Product Features:

  1. Double dovetail.
  2. Both sides of the rail are equipped with easy-recognized laser-engraved scale, which you can adjust the nodal point conveniently and accurately.
  3. This rail having a movable stop bar to accurately position your camera and re-create the same setup each time.
  4. The strap mounting hole functionally provide one more hole for fasten the strap or wrist strap.
  5. Integrate two safety stop mounting holes on the back of the plate. (SUNWAYFOTO provides safety stop screws).
  6. This design provides many positions to install the screws and have very good compatibility. So that can be used for most of the cameras that available on market.