Sunwayfoto PN-D700 piastra per Nikon D700


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Sunwayfoto PN-D700 piastra per Nikon D700

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Custom Plate for Nikon D700 Body
Model:  PN-D700

Dovetail Width: 39mm
Net Weight:37g
Mounting Hole:UNC1/4"-20

SUNWAYFOTO PN-D700 Custom plate for Nikon D700 body, one piece CNC cutting machined from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, stain anodized surface finish for better abrasion and corrosion resistant. Arca-Swiss style.
Product Features:

  1. With convex edge design, prevent your camera equipments from shifting;
  2. The strap installing hole for fastening the strap or wrist strap. So that can increase the comfortability and security of the lens or the camera when carrying.
  3. Integrate two safety stop mounting holes on the back of the plate. (SUNWAYFOTO provides safety stop screws).
  4. With a monopod mounting hole for attaching the camera quickly.
  5. Hollow out design, lighter.