Sunwayfoto XB-52DDHi Testa per treppiedi con Panning Clamp DDH-03Ni


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Sunwayfoto XB-52DDHi Testa per treppiedi con Panning Clamp DDH-03Ni

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Superior Low-profile Ballhead XB-52DDHi
Model:  XB-52DDHi
Ball Diameter:52mm
Pan Base Diameter:68mm
Net Weight:734g
Max Load:60kg
Bottom Thread:UNC3/8"
Clamp Type:Panning Clamp
SUNWAYFOTO XB-52DDHi is based on XB-52 and replaced the Screw-Knob Clamp with DDH-03i Panning Clamp. Precision Panning Base with integral clamp and bubble level for smooth and level panning. It's your ideal ball head for shooting panoramas.
The scale with laser-engraved centering index marks can precisely master any angle variation during each shoot in horizontal rotation,the aligned scale of quick-release plate can accurately control the nodal point during the panoramic photography in different focal lengths. So the panoramic photography could be more accurate and high efficient.
When taking panoramic shooting, you need to make sure all the pictures are level. 
However, you can’t always put your tripod on the level ground. When using our panning 
clamp, you don’t need to level the tripod legs. Just level the panning clamp, you can take 
panoramic shooting easily.
Product Features:
1.Locking System is located on the side of the ball instead of the bottom of the ballhead. Whole center of gravity  is lowered more than 15%;
2. Adopts geared  locking structure,  higher locking strength;
3.  Specially designed  panning base, smooth operation;
4.  Elliptical  ball for  progressive resistance and avoiding   suddenly sliding down;
5. Two drop notch design. One for portrait, one for tilting;
6. All  metal knobs  for reliability and long term durability;
7. Two set spirit level mounting holes for users to mount the removable spirit level to the other sides of the  clamp;
8. Special structure makes it the lightest of its class.
9. 360° panning movement with calibrated precision, precisely capture overlapping panoramic images
10. Compatible with Really right stuff (RRS), Wimberley, Jobu Design, Arca Swiss, Kirk Enterprises, Markins, Photo Clam etc.
11. Ideal for Gitzo, Manfrotto, Sirui, Benro, RRS tripod.