Triopo KIT Treppiedi GT-3128 + Testa NB-1S Tripod Treppiede Cavalletto carbonio ultra leggero 4 sezioni

Triopo KIT Treppiedi GT-3128 + Testa NB-1S Tripod Treppiede Cavalletto carbonio ultra leggero 4 sezioni Visualizza ingrandito


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Triopo KIT Treppiedi GT-3128 + Testa NB-1S Tripod Treppiede Cavalletto carbonio ultra leggero 4 sezioni

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The kit comes with:

  • GT-3128 tripod
  • Case
  • Arm strap
  • NB-1S ball-head (+ QR plate and bag)

Whats in the set? :

GT-3128 model is a semi-professional and the smallest tripod in the "Traveler" series. It is equipped with four-section legs made of carbon fiber which ensures large load capacity combined with relatively small weight of 1100 grams. Length of the legs can be adjusted through torsion clamps with draft proof threads shielded against dust, sand and dampness. Maximum load of Triopo GT-3128 equals 8 kg and allows for comfortable shooting with large reflex cameras fitted with heavy lens. Maximum working height is 143 centimetres. Triopo GT-3128 belongs to the Traveler series and has been designed based on the patented legs folding system in 180 degrees reversed position. Thanks to this solution, the tripods folded height may be reduced by several centimetres. Triopo GT-3128 is intended especially for travelling photographers seeking for durable, light and compact tripod to carry during their journeys.

Main advantages:

  • small folded dimensions
  • light and exceptionally rigid
  • legs covered with foam facilitate shooting in winter
  • high mechanical durability
  • resistance to low temperatures


Technical specification - tripod:




carbon fibre



Legs diameter

24 mm

Maximum height

143 cm

Folded height

44 cm


1,1 kg

Maximum loading capacity

8 kg

NB-1S is the smallest head in the series of the most advanced Triopo ball-heads made of high-quality materials providing splendid mechanical strength and small weight. Our ball-heads are precisely designed and manufactured and come with an additional knob to hydraulically adjust pressure strength in vertical position. It allows for smooth and precise panning through the marked scale. Aside from the additional hydraulic knob, Triopo NB-1S ball-head features fast camera mounting system through replaceable plate. Maximum load of the ball-head amounts to 6 kilograms and allows for shooting with the advanced compact camera or small amateur reflex-camera with standard lens.

Main advantages:

  • light, rigid and durable magnesium alloy
  • hydraulic locking system
  • dedicated knob to lock in vertical position
  • resistance to low temperatures
  • monopod function

Technical specification - head:




aluminum-magnesium alloy

Ball-head’s diameter

28 mm


95 mm

Bottom diameter

48 cm


0,33 cm

Maximum load

6 kg

Thread camera-tripod

1/4" - 3/8"


Currently available models come without monopod function.