Sirui Treppiedi M-3205 carbonio 5 sezioni M-3205X M3205 Cavalletto Treppiede


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Sirui Treppiedi M-3205 carbonio 5 sezioni M-3205X M3205 Cavalletto Treppiede

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Consegna in circa 5-7gg lav.

Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 28 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 28 Punti fedeltà può essere convertito in un buono (valido per il prossimo acquisto) di € 6.

€ 285

Costi di spedizione: 9€ con corriere espresso assicurato

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M Series Tripods

The M series tripod is one of our tallest tripods. When you need a heavy-duty model but still want it to be compact, nothing comes close to the M series. Take the M-3204 – it extends to an impressive 177 cm (70 in.) yet folds down to only 51 cm (20 in.). In addition to being a strong tripod, it has the ability to be converted into a high-capacity monopod. This is especially convenient under circumstances where the use of tripods is not allowed or when you are shooting in tight spaces. For added height, you can attach the center column onto the monopod. The M series tripod has a uniquely designed leg mechanism that allows you to move the legs up 180 degrees. This allows the tripod to be folded significantly smaller than tripods with conventional leg designs of comparable size. Simply depress the leg angle lock and invert the legs 180 degrees. An added advantage is that you can keep a ball head on the tripod and it will still fit in the tripod case.

Features of M Series Tripods

• Lightweight, heavy-duty tripods

• Legs fold up 180 degrees for extra compactness

• Can be converted into a monopod by unscrewing the monopod leg from the main tripod and assemble with the parts provided in the monopod pouch

• The center column can be inverted for low angle shots

• Anti-leg rotation system and automatic leg angle lock mechanism for speed and convenience

• Additional short center column is provided for low angle or macro shooting

• Three leg angle settings

• Retractable spiked feet for uneven surfaces, such as sand or mud