Triopo Treppiedi GE-3228X8C Tripod Cavalletto Treppiede carbonio 4 sezioni con funzione di monopiede


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Triopo Treppiedi GE-3228X8C Tripod Cavalletto Treppiede carbonio 4 sezioni con funzione di monopiede

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Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 14 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 14 Punti fedeltà può essere convertito in un buono (valido per il prossimo acquisto) di 2,80 €.

Costi di spedizione: 9€ con corriere espresso assicurato

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The kit comes with:

  • GE-3228X8C tripod
  • Case
  • Arm strap

Whats in the set? :

GE-3228X8C Tripod belongs to the "Traveller" line which provides unique folding system of 180 degree reversible legs, allowing to minimise its size. It was made of the new generation carbon fibre combining low weight and high durability. With the overall weight of only 1.27 kg, it provides impressive load capacity of 15 kg.  Tripods legs have been divided into four sections, with length easily adjusted by clasps. Each section is divided by a special gasket preventing against sand, dust and dampness.  Legs base may be individually adjusted in the following ranges: 25, 55 and 80 degrees. One of the legs comes with a special foam increasing comfort of use in low temperatures.

Sliding central column may of GE-3228X8C tripod may be easily mounted in reverse position. It ends with a handle for additional load to increase the devices stability.  Mounting base for the head is equipped with a silicon gasket protecting tripods legs during transportation. 

Additionaly, the tripod may be easily transformed into a monopod.  Just twist one of the legs off, mount the column included in the set with the head mounting and enjoy your fully functional monopod

The kit comes with a short column allowing to position the tripod only 28 above the ground.


Technical specification:





carbon fiber

carbon fiber




Legs diameter

28 mm

28 mm

Maximum height

152,5 cm

124 cm

Folded height

44,5 cm

40,5 cm
Minimum height28 cm 


1,270 kg


Maximum loading capacity

15 kg