Genesis Nattai Zaino Backpack Taglia Media


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Genesis Nattai Zaino Backpack Taglia Media

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Nattai is the first product in the series of ultra-light camera backpacks by Genesis brand. Medium-sized, handy and comfortable backpack for photographic equipment.


The backpack is divided into two compartments which may be connected into one if necessary by unzipping a divider. The lower compartment is meant for cameras and lenses and its walls are padded with soft material. It is also fitted with an insert which may be removed to quickly transform Genesis Nattai into a light tourist daypack with the capacity of approx. 30 litres.

Genesis Nattai houses a DSLR camera with the set of lenses. You can also use Genesis Nattai to carry large lenses, such as 70-200/2.8, which can be packed in the backpack along with a camera. You will also find more room for your flash and the second lens, i.e. 24-70/2.8. The backpack may also be used to carry a laptop (up to 15") or a tablet.
You can access the camera compartment through a front zipper. Side zipper can also be very useful, as it allows to easily take out a camera with its lens. The front pouch includes two flat chambers for small items (e.g. wallet), two pockets for memory cards or batteries and loops for your pens. The upper compartment with a mesh pocket with a puller facilitates access to a computer sleeve.

Carrying system is made of anatomically profiled straps to ensure comfort during long hiking trips. Their length may be adjusted through bands and their upper part is stabilized by pullers. The backpack is also fitted with chest and hip straps. The back padding has ventilation holes. Genesis Nattai is extremely light (it weighs only 1,1 kg) and very comfortable.
Genesis Nattai is made of light and durable fabric materials which are factory-impregnated. Both compartments and the front pouch are zipped with a double zipper to facilitate easy access to your gear and other accessories carried in the backpack. Buckles are made of highest quality plastics and are reliable regardless the weather conditions.


  • two compartments: lower for your camera and upper for other items
  • removable padding of the camera compartment
  • flat front pouch for other accessories
  • chamber for a laptop or a tablet
  • camera compartment accessed through front and side zipper
  • camera compartment, front pouch and upper compartment zipped with double YKK zippers
  • two sets of loops and hooks for monopod and nordic walking poles
  • side mesh pocket (for a small bottle of water or a thermos)
  • mesh pocket in the side cover (perfect for small accessories, such as caps)
  • two loops closed with buckles to carry a tripod or a rolled jacket
  • anatomically profiled straps with upper pullers
  • adjustable chest strap
  • hip strap for stabilization (eg. during bike trips)
  • profiled back padding with mesh
  • light, impregnated and durable external material (Nylon 420D)



weight:1.1 kg
backpack dimensions:length 50 cm, width 35 cm, depth 17 cm
dimensions of the camera compartment:30x20x13cm
dimensions of the laptop chamber:36x30cm