Genesis Tacit taglia L Borsa Custodia Tracolla Bag Grigio


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Genesis Tacit taglia L Borsa Custodia Tracolla Bag Grigio

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Genesis Tacit L is a light and comfy bag designed especially for carrying photographic cameras; rest assured that its discreet design will not attract any unwanted attention.


At first glance Genesis Tacit L looks like any normal bag that you can carry to work, school or supermarket. Owing to a removable insert protecting your photo gear, you can use it as a capacious bag for a camera and photo accessories.

It can easily contain a kit with a DSLR, two lenses (24-70/2.8+70-200/2.8) and many additional accessories. Front pockets are meant for a memory cards holder, mobile phone, business card case, card reader or other smaller items. The main compartment comes with a pocket for a tablet or a small laptop (up to 12”). Side flat pockets are perfect for storing lens caps during shooting. Your camera can be easily and quickly accessed through a wide Velcro-fastened lid. Rainproof case included in the kit provides better protection against rain and dirt.>

Genesis Tacit L is equipped with a wide shoulder strap which allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder or neck. The strap is padded so that your bag could not slip from your shoulder and to increase the comfort of use.

Bottom part of the bag is additionally padded and fitted with wide plastic legs to minimize fabric damages. It also comes with a wide tape to mount straps and attach a photographic tripod.


Product features:

  • discreet, casual design and durable polyester material with unique canvas texture
  • Velcro-fastened water-resistant cover
  • enhanced access to your gear through a Velcro-fastened lid
  • removable insert for photo gear and a pocket for a tablet or small laptop (up to 12”)
  • two capacious front pockets for small items and flat zipped up pocket located under the lapel
  • two side, flat compartments and zipped up pocket on the back of the bag
  • tape fastened on the back wall to attach the bag to a roller type suitcase's handle
  • comfortable shoulder strap with removable pad, which can be unclasped and adjusted
  • additionally padded bottom of the bag equipped with plastic legs
  • possibility of fixing a small tripod with the use of straps